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Remote Work and Cloud Computing Go Hand in Hand

Love it or hate it, cloud computing enables remote workers across every sector of industry.

The last few years have been a ride into the unknown for every business. No matter which sectors your company operates within, it has been affected adversely by coronavirus. As the virus forced lockdowns intermittently across the globe, it taught us that digitization could save the economy. Remote working and cloud computing have enabled businesses to keep going, despite world events.

Remote Work Helped Us Through the Pandemic

There can be no question about remote work helping us through the pandemic. Without the ability to log into the office from our homes, many offices would have had to close completely to comply with government regulations. We can keep working regardless of new strains of the virus because cloud computing lets us do so.

Remote work and cloud computing go hand in hand. Working through the cloud means working through any business process where information is sent offsite. Things like email, video conferencing, offsite data storage and servers kept thousands of miles away.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Remote Worker

The reason cloud computing is so essential to remote working is down to the benefits. Here are some of our favourites.

Better Employee Satisfaction

When employees can access onsite corporate resources without leaving home, they skip that commute time. Instead of spending an hour in traffic, they get to spend that hour enjoying their morning. Employees work in their own space and time, allowing a better quality of working life. Some remote workers enjoyed their experience during lockdowns so much that they only apply for Cloud Jobs nowadays.

Consistent Productivity

Many corporations report the same level of productivity in employees who have adapted to home working as those who work in the office. There is a transition period, especially back in April 2020, but once they have passed this and are used to the WFH lifestyle, there is no going back.

Can Curb Burnout

As well as boosting productivity, researchers at the London School of Economics found that home/remote working can curb burnout. If the employees are given training or tips on how to maintain a positive work – life balance, remote working through the cloud has shown to decrease burnout.

This research shows that sending a stressed out employee away to work from home for a month or two could lessen the likelihood of illness or quitting. A savvy employer would use this information to help reduce employee turnover in stressful job positions.

Eases Storage Demands

Using cloud computing, businesses no longer need to keep a room in their office block which is packed end to end with servers and data processing centres. Offsite storage by cloud computing specialists means you pay less for outsourcing than you do for running your own storage. The company who manages it are experts. You save on power and energy output, as well as reduce the risk of fire in your building.

Cloud Computing Benefits Everyone

As you can see, there are benefits for both the business and the employee. Remote work could be the future and there is nothing wrong with that.

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