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Digital Marketing: The Era Of Social Media

One of the main consequences of the constant advancement of technology is the transformation in communication. This is because the number of people with Internet access and the time they spend online is growing. And the reason is not the usual Google searches, although they are very useful. Glazed eyes on screens are related to social media.

Their impact on daily life was such that it is even strange to find a person without any profile on a social network. For a lot, this represents a form of disconnection from the world. The way people relate to each other and get informed has also changed. Who has never looked for news by accessing a newspaper’s Instagram profile? Who has never met someone new on Facebook?

But, after all, what are social networks?

They are online platforms that allow exchanging ideas, debates, sharing of interests, and new friendships. Before them, all these actions were more plastered and traditionally took place: almost always done in person. In this sense, the internet was essential for social networks to develop.

Another turning point for social networks was the emergence of smartphones and their apps, further improving access. Taking that look at his Facebook profile had become easier and more responsive, not relying on the exclusive use.

Are all social networks the same?

Social networks can be divided into 4 categories:


Allow the user to create and maintain friendships. The best known is Facebook.


As the name implies, its function is to entertain the user. Two great examples are Youtube and Spotify.


Any self-respecting professional needs to have a profile on a social network in this category; LinkedIn is the best example. He helps in finding new job opportunities and connecting with other professionals in the field.


The audience, in this case, is more segmented. Which means your language is much more targeted? Skoob and Goodreads are examples of niche social networks. Both have a specific function: creating virtual shelves, allowing the user to have control over their readings.

The Importance Of Social Media Management

The presence of social media which can be handled by comrade digital marketing agency for digital marketing affected not only people but companies as well. They have become an essential ally in communicating with the target audience. Considering their popularity, several companies have turned them into a channel for disseminating information materials, products, and services.

Thus, companies saw the need to adapt their strategies, invest in qualified Marketing and Communication teams to manage and monitor their profiles on social networks. After all, this means being where your audience is, leading to greater brand visibility, greater credibility, and knowledge of each customer’s tastes. Effective management needs market research, planning of all content before publication, material relevant to the audience, and one of the essential things: interaction since this is not a one-way street.

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