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Search Engine Optimization And What You Need To Have In Mind

SEO is (comparatively) inexpensive. If you don’t have to compete with Amazon, you can gain a lot by turning small adjustment screws. The first step in getting started with search engine optimization is to overview the status quo and collect the necessary data from deriving a content strategy. Successful SEO can pay off over many years! It doesn’t have to be expensive, even if some SEO agencies charge horrific sums. Thanks to its sustainability, SEO which can be handled by catapultrevenue.com is still the cheapest marketing discipline in the long term.

Ideally, SEO competence is anchored in-house and not wholly outsourced. That’s why I offer an SEO seminar for companies to train teams who want to take their search engine optimization into their own hands. The important thing is to start with simple, small steps and then stay on the ball continuously. SEO never finishes; the goal is to keep getting better.

There is never a lack of resources, just wrong priorities.

Search Engine Optimization Is Easy To Learn.

Google’s success and frighteningly dominant market power are no coincidence. Only through trial and error can you gain the necessary knowledge about the details of Google searches. Nevertheless, there are a few essential ranking factors that all experts agree on and that everyone can process with comparatively little effort if they stay on the ball in the long term and do not lose sight of SEO.

  • Technology: Clean technical implementation and fast loading times.
  • Content relevance: relevance of the content and search terms for the individual target group.
  • Internal links: prioritization of the content.
  • User experience: presentation of the content.
  • User signals: Are the users finding the right content and satisfied?

Backlinks: Links From External Sites

None of this has anything to do with rocket science or magic, but more with craft and experience. But all of these points have to be continuously measured and made visible. That is why it is essential to have an SEO expert in-house and learn the necessary skills yourself in SEO seminars and workshops. Anyone who waits too long to receive further training will inevitably miss out on the competition! Incidentally, this applies to companies of all sizes! Incorporations, too much SEO knowledge is outsourced to agencies that are far too far away from the product.

SEO Means Happier Customers

Optimized usability does not only benefit the company with Google. Everyone wants to appear at the top of Google and get as many clicks as possible, but that inevitably requires a clear content strategy and optimized usability. User-friendliness has become more and more important for Google in recent years: what is suitable for the user is also good for the search engine. Large corporations, in particular, are often blinded by their size and focus only on vain self-portrayal (“we…”) instead of the needs of their customers (“you…”). Google tries to look at web pages through the eyes of an individual user, and so should you. Even utterly independent of Google, this ultimately means happier customers and more sales. In our article on optimizing usability, we show which tools can be used to improve user-friendliness.

Conclusion: SEO costs time and money, but it’s guaranteed to be worth it!

SEO is not as boring, complicated, and technical as it seems at first. Dealing with SEO makes it possible to check what you are doing continuously. Gut feeling is rarely a good SEO consultant. Only data make the strengths and weaknesses of your actions visible. That is why it is always worthwhile to continuously measure all-important SEO key figures and seek advice from experienced experts on your strategy.

SEO takes time and costs money, but it is worthwhile in the long term and sustainably and brings many new customers that you do not yet know. Invest in your employees! Anyone can do SEO; you have to do it.

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